Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Windows Services and Processes

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Windows Services and Processes

Acronis Managed Machine Service is the main service. It can run under a dedicated account or under an account, you specify during installation. Either account is given privileges that are needed for the service to work. The privileges include a set of user rights, membership in security groups, and the Full Control permissions on respective registry keys in the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis. There are no permissions granted on other registry keys.

Acronis Backup Agent services


Make sure the user running Acronis Managed Machine service has the necessary rights as listed in the table.

Table 1:

ComponentService namePurposeAccount used by the serviceUser rights Group membership
Acronis Agent for Windows

Acronis Managed Machine Service

Provides backup, recovery, replication, retention, validation functionalityAcronis Agent User (new account) or user-specified account
  • Log on as a service
  • Adjust memory quotas for a process
  • Replace a process level token
  • Modify firmware environment values
  • For Windows 2000 only - Act as part of the operating system
Backup Operators 



Table 2:

The following services (Table 2) can be used by many components of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and by other Acronis products. These services always run under a system account. No additional privileges are given to the account.
Account used by the service
Main service 
Acronis Managed Machine Service

Type: Service.

Providers backup, recovery, replication, retention, validation functionality


 Child process:               service process.exe

\BackupAndRecovery\MMSData\DML\BackupAndRecovery\MMSAcronis Agent User (new account) or user-specified account

Acronis Agent Services and processes

Acronis Scheduler2 Service

Type: Service.

Executes scheduled tasks on certain events



Child process:

N/A\Acronis\Schedule2Local system
Acronis Agent Core ServiceType: Service

Serves for communication between the Agent and management components

aakore.exe N/A\Agent\var\log\aakoreLocal system
Acronis Active Protection Service

Type: Service.

Provides protection against ransomware

active_protection_service.exe\ActiveProtection\ActiveProtection\LogsLocal system
Acronis Cyber Protection Service


Provides anti-malware protection

Local system
Backup Monitor

Type: Process.

Enables users to monitor backups outside the web interface.

Tib Mounter

Type: Process.

Allows to mount and explore .tib files

TibMounterMonitor.exeN/A\TibMounterLogsLocal system


Other processes:

Process nameComponentFunctionality
vss_requestor.exeVSSRequests for Microsoft VSS 
systeminfo.exeSystem ReportCollects Acronis System Report
snapapi_control.exeSnapAPIAcronis Snapshots Kernel Manager Control Utility
acrocmd.exeAcronis CLICommand Line Interface
dml_host.exeDMLData manipulation language control host
python.exePythonPython programming language instance for embedded script execution
upgrade_tool.exeAgent UpdateProvides remote agent update/installation
Uninstaller.exeUninstallProduct Uninstaller
register_msp_mms.exeAcronis AgentAcronis Backup Agent registration tool
app_backup.exeAcronis AgentApplication-aware backup of virtual machines